NS Bluescope Introduces Superior PRIMAMAJU-R™ Steel

Kuala Lumpur, 17 April 2014 – NS BlueScope Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. recently announced the rebranding of PRIMAMAJU to SIRIM Eco-Label certified BlueScope PRIMAMAJU-R™ steel (also known as PRIMA-R™) during the NS BlueScope’s Golf outing. Held at Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS), Shah Alam the Golf outingsaw an attendance of 130 guests comprising of NS BlueScope’s business partners, roof installers and contractors.

The rebranded PRIMA-R™ Steel offers roof installers and contractors 3°C cooler roofing options, unmatchable warranty in 4 exciting new colour choices. The now former PRIMAMAJU™ which was first launched in 2001has set the standards as one of the most high quality yet affordable roofing solutions, providing the effective AZ100 Coating Technology which makes the affordable roof solutions highly durable with longer lasting roof colours.

With this in mind NS Bluescope Malaysia Sdn Bhd is set to take one step further in providing customers with the perfect roofing solution by upgrading the roof solutions to PRIMA-R™ steel with new paint system REFLEC™ Technology, durable roofing solutions that lasts longer than its warranty period with 4 new colour choices.

Speaking during the Golf outing, NS BlueScope’s President for Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, Mr. Pongsak Padungkarn thanked all business partners and contractors for their continued support, “Our products of superior quality are widely used in the building and manufacturing industry of Malaysia. With the rebranding of PRIMA-R™ steel this allows NS BlueScope in expanding our existing retail portfolio and strengthening our relationships with our dealers.”

The new paint system known as REFLEC™ Technology able to reduce peak roof temperatures by up to 3°C, making it perfect for customers in the Asian region to cut down heat radiation into the building, making the interior of the building cooler and more comfortable. Every square meter of BlueScope PRIMA-R™ steel is coated with AZ100 glass coating, offering greater durability against corrosion as compared to the conventional Galvanized Steel (GI). This makes PRIMA-R™ steel 4 times more durable than GI and has been proven by SIRIM’s Salt Spray Test, in its 240 hour test.

The rebranded PRIMA-R™ steel also provides additional warranty apart from the current warranty against perforation by corrosion up to 15 years. The additional warranty plans provides warranty against peeling and flaking from up to 10 years as well as again se excessive colour fading up to 5 years.

“Most importantly, NS BlueScope’s PRIMA-R™ steel is able to provide long-lasting satisfaction to our customers and this is proven through its track record validated by our longstanding customers. Customers who have installed the now former PRIMAMAJUsuch as the Tamil Primary School in Taman Kinara, Taman Penampang Apartments in Sabah and Masjid An-Nur in TLDM Lumut are tangible testimonies of NS BlueScope’s unmatched steel quality, some of them lasting for more than 12 years with no signs of corrosion or any signs of differential colour fading, long after it has passed its warranty period and we hope that we are able to raise awareness by providing informative solutions for roof installers and contractors,” said Pongsak.

NS BlueScope PRIMA-R™ steel’s products will be made available through selected dealers nationwide by 1st May 2014 in its 6 standard colours with 4 additional vibrant colours; Mineral, Walnut, Cream and Magnet. At current, NS BlueScope has close to 1,000 dealers in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak.

NS BlueScope is the first and only coated steel manufacturer in Malaysia to have been conferred the SIRIM Eco-Label certification. The company is also accredited with the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental management System ISO4001 by Lloyd’s. BlueScope’s products are used in some of Malaysia’s most iconic buildings including the Petronas Twin Towers, Ikano Power Centre, TESCO, Pusat Tenaga’s Green Energy Office (GEO) and the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) 2.

After the Golf outing, Pongsak presented awards to Mr. Tan Guan Soo for the Nearest to Line Category and Mr. Kevin Chai for the Longest Drive Category were both presented with golf equipment’s to further enrich their golf experience.

BlueScope comprises 3,000 employees across 29 manufacturing plants across ASEAN and North America. This will include Malaysia’s manufacturing plants for roll-forming and coated steel building products that are located in Kapar, Shah Alam, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei.