COLORBOND® Products Series

Clean COLORBOND® steel has been at the forefront of prepainted steel technology and product innovation in Asia for many years. It combines the superior of steel, the corrosion resistance and protection of a ZINCALUME® steel substrate and the long lasting beauty of an oven cured paint system, offering remarkable resistance to chipping, peeling and fading. Clean COLORBOND® steel was developed by BlueScope Steel to resist staining and discolouration, to give your building long lasting beauty.

As light gently washes over the mica particles in the metallic finish, a unique perception of depth is acquired. In addition, the mica particles create an amazing effect as the appearance of the pre-painted steel surface changes according to the varied lighting conditions and viewing angles.

Clean COLORBOND® XPD provides premium colour durability, excellent weatherability and high formability for exterior steel roofing and walling applications. It is specifically developed for applications that demand the ultimate performance in long-term colour and gloss retention.

The distinctive surface of Clean COLORBOND® XPD Pearlescent steel draws on the environment and surrounding structure, enabling you to enhance your prestigious building designs with subtle yet dramatic effects. Roofing and cladding made from the Pearlescent range will make any building stand out from the rest.

Designed specifically for severe coastal & industrial environments found throughout Southern Africa, Clean COLORBOND® ULTRA steel gives you total peace of mind. It has a thicker coating of the zinc/alumimium coating of AZ200, which means that for every square metre of steel, there is a minimum of 200 grams of zinc/aluminium coating for even greater corrosion resistance.

New trend for steel roofing with stylish matt finish, suited to address the unwanted glare from sunlight common in urban areas. The stylish yet one-of-a kind steel roofing greatly reduces the solar light reflection in specular manner, minimising unwanted solar glare by diffusing effectively and maximizing comfort. Clean COLORBOND® ULTRA MATT is also imbued with features such as high dirt resistance, chalk resistance, gloss retention, infra-red technology and solar reflective technology.