As light gently washes over the mica particles in the metallic finish, a unique perception of depth is acquired. In addition, the mica particles create an amazing effect as the appearance of the pre-painted steel surface changes according to the varied lighting conditions and viewing angles. Whether it is creating a distinctive architectural feature or regulating the conditions of incidental lightings, Clean COLORBOND® SPECTRUM SERIES will definately compliment and enhance the aesthetic design of your roofing our walling structure.

With the intelligently formulated technology of Clean COLORBOND™ steel as the basis behind the development for Clean COLORBOND® SPECTRUM SERIES, durability was never compromised for aesthetics. The tonal spread of colours has been carefully selected to blend harmoniously with the South African environment. Behind the colour attributes, lies the same tough and durable zinc/aluminium alloy-coated steel that has made Clean COLORBOND™ steel a household brand for pre-painted steel roofing, giving you assurance with a warranty supported by BlueScope Steel. For further peace of mind, each product is individually branded on the bottom coat to ensure that you receive the genuine material.