Good architecture is not just a beautiful design. It is a structure that is recognisable, functional and withstands the effects of time and different weather conditions. What often makes or breaks the overall quality of any architecture is the building material chosen. COLORBOND® steel gets that.

Since the 1960s, COLORBOND® steelhas been aleading name in the building and construction industry, known widely as a versatile, high quality steel building material.

Its reputation is one that is truly hard-earned, as COLORBOND® steel continuously goes through the harshest testing to live up to the quality every building deserves. Even if it means subjecting COLORBOND® steel to actual weather conditions, at the harshest locations, for many, many years.

The result is a strong, beautiful, durable and versatile form of coated steel, which lends itself to a variety of applications – everything from roofing, walling, guttering, fences, sheds and warehouses to insulated panels for cool rooms and specialist architectural panels for distinctive cladding applications.

As COLORBOND® steel is user-friendly and versatile; its applications are endless and only limited by the imagination. Be it urban or rural, industrial or residential, COLORBOND® steel can be used in projects featuring prestigious roofing and walling, architectural panels and building accessories to highlight excellent building designs.

More recently, COLORBOND® prepainted steel with‘Defense System Against Tropical Staining’ was released in Asia. This unique paint system prevents fine dirt and other particles from bonding to building surfaces – suitable for the very hot and humid environments of Southeast Asia.

It is just one of many developments, resulting from the harsh testing and continuous improvementsCOLORBOND® steel undergoes. And that, is how you know that it will stay strong and beautiful on any architecture, for many years to come.