PRIMAMAJU-R® steel, brought to you by BlueScope, is the longer lasting solution for your roofing and walling needs.

Designed with corrosion resistance to outlast pre-painted galvanised steel (PPGI), PRIMAMAJU-R® steel’s unique 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon coating offers affordable and longer lasting protection.

PRIMAMAJU-R® steel is available in ten standard colours with superior paint performance and is ideal for projects that require flexible and cost effective building solutions.

In addition, PRIMAMAJU-R® steel offers thermal comfort with outstanding thermal efficiency and termite resistance.

PRIMAMAJU-R® steel is available in long, continuous sheets and when fixed securely will ensure year after year of weather-tight performance with easy maintenance.

Like all steel building materials, PRIMAMAJU-R® steel is recyclable – making it one of the most sustainable building materials for application in industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Research and development of steel building solutions for the challenging environments in Asia is a high priority at BlueScope Steel. PRIMAMAJU-R® steel was developed and tested to meet international standards.

PRIMAMAJU-R® steel offers a *warranty of up to 15 years against perforation by corrosion.

*Warranty terms and conditions apply.